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BNI Arizona South
2954 N Campbell, Ste 215
Tucson, AZ 85719
P: (520) 982-5131
F: (520) 844-6598 

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BNI Arizona South serves Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima and Santa Cruz counties.

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Lee Ann Kalaba

Phone 520-731-9595

Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba
Life Aligned Wellness Center
7290 E Broadway Blvd
Ste 178
Tucson, AZ 85710

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Lee Ann Kalaba

Life Aligned Wellness Center
Chapter: BNI Achievers

Medical, Chiropractor

My BusinessAt Life Aligned Wellness Center, we utilize a chiropractic wellness approach to help people align their lives so they can express their greatness. Ultimately, we envision a world of people consciously creating their health futures. Please watch as my practice partner, Dr. Chris Cox, explains the value of chiropractic:

Ideal ReferralProfessional female, 30-60 years old, looking for long-term solutions, willing to put the time, effort, and energy to create their picture of health.

Top ProductTorque Release Technique-light force, chiropractic adjustment. What I love most about what I do is helping transform the lives of patients, using improved health as a catalyst, so they can go out into the world and do something they never thought possible.

Top Problem SolvedAmong the problems I help people with are fatigue, brain fog, and chronic aches and pains. I support people who have recently started exercising again, and who desire to lose weight permanently and naturally. I love sharing the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed, organic foods and creating chemical-free, nontoxic home environments. I also educate practice members that healing isn’t about just one aspect of their experience, such as injury or a specific pain or discomfort. True health is about one’s whole being and flourishing in all areas of life. I envision the people I work with will experience real change in their lives! For this to happen, the nervous system—the master control system that directs every single process in the body—needs to be functioning at its highest level possible. And this is exactly what I address with the chiropractic adjustment. Using computerized objective measurements, we can actually track how well the nervous system is functioning, taking the guess-work out of your response to care. I don’t just rely on how you feel, I can actually see how your nervous system is responding to your adjustments! When the nervous system functions better, you heal better, you feel better, and you are healthier. It’s that simple!

My Favorite BNI StoryOne of my most satisfying success stories is from a young mother, Bri, who had so much all-over body pain that she couldn’t even hold her own silverware. If she spent a day playing with her children, she had to spend the next 2 days in bed recovering. She never thought she would be able to be the kind of mother she wanted for her children. After adjusting her for a few months, helping to reduce her stressors and restore the function of her nervous system, she told me how her 9-year-old daughter exclaimed at dinner the night before, “Mommy, you’re cutting your own food!” This young mother was spending significant time with her children on a regular basis, functioning at a normal level without the need for several days of recovery, and even jogging several days per week!

My Ideal Referral PartnerAcupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, 
Life Coach, 
Essential Oil Person, Midwife